Do you have questions about how it works or about TALO? Here are some answers for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if needed.


What are the turnaround times for your plans ?

Our normal turnaround times are 24 hours (business days) following the order for plans without modifications. For certain models, these times may be longer, so you should expect turnaround times of about 14 days (business days).

Can your plans be used for all stages of a construction project ?

Yes. Our plans are complete and can be used when applying for a building permit from your municipality, during calls for tenders from subcontractors (in the case of a self-managed construction), or by general contractors for turnkey projects.

However, your municipality may have special requests due to specific soil or climate conditions, for example. We recommend contacting your municipality to find out before purchasing your plans. We will then be able to advise you on the process to ensure that your plans comply with your municipality’s requirements.

What is included in your plans ?

TALO plans are complete for everything related to the architecture and construction of the building, and they include:

  • A general construction specification
  • The foundation plan
  • The ground level and floor plans
  • The roof plan
  • The 4 exterior elevations
  • A schematic cross-section and the description of the compositions (floors, walls, and roofs)
  • A cross-section presenting the necessary details for the stairs
  • A typical wall cross-section showing the details of the assemblies and compositions
  • The other necessary construction details
  • The list of doors and windows

See a sample plan 

The exterior finishing materials must be finalized by the owner; these are therefore indicated in the plans in a generic manner. For example, they will simply indicate “Masonry” or “Wood clapboard” without more specific details as to the manufacturer, colour, or format, since the choices of these materials depend on your tastes and budget.

Contact us for an estimate of the fees if you want to be supported by one of our professionals in selecting all the exterior materials for the residence or if you want a 3D colour preview depicting the choices that have been made. That way, you will be sure that you have made the right choices.

Are your plans sealed by a professional ?

Yes. Our highly detailed plans are signed and sealed by an accredited architectural technologist from the Ordre des Technologues Professionnels du Québec.

Do the structural details appear in your plans ?

Our TALO plans are complete and propose a configuration of the structure of the building, but they give no indication as to the sizing or spacing of the structural elements of the building (beams, columns, floor joists, or roof trusses), since these need to be sized most of the time by the internal engineering department of the structural elements manufacturer or by an external engineer in more specific cases.

Are your plans accepted everywhere ?

Our plans are designed to meet the general requirements in effect in the province of Quebec in Canada. They are drawn up in French and English only for the time being.
If you want to purchase our plans for a construction outside of Quebec, it is your responsibility to check with your urban planning office if such plans comply with the regulations in effect in your municipality.

Can modifications or adjustments be made to the plans ?

Of course! Our plans present a proposal regarding the organization of the rooms, the dimensions of the building, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and much more. However, it is possible that, to meet your needs or to use your land to its full potential, you may want to make modifications such as adding a bedroom or bathroom, altering the dimensions of the residence, changing the windows, adding or modifying the garage or the windows, or changing the layout of the kitchen.

We’re there to help you find the best solution for you.

Contact us to discuss these modifications and to get an evaluation of the fees required to make the changes that will make the residence your dream home.

What type of foundation is included in your plans ?

All our plans include habitable poured concrete foundations with an 8’ clearance, as found in the vast majority of single-family homes in Quebec. We always depict a future bathroom in these plans so that the plumbing for this bathroom can be implemented during construction, as well as a mechanical room where the electrical panel, water heater, and air exchanger are located.

How are the dimensions and surface areas measured ?

The gross surface areas presented for each plan are measured from the outside of the exterior walls, including the surface areas of the ground floor and the upper level and excluding the basement and the garage. Architectural buildouts that do not increase the interior surface area are not taken into account.
The dimensions of the rooms are measured from the inside of the walls and are always indicated “width x height.” Small, hallway-like spaces within the rooms are generally not taken into account, nor are closets.


Can you help us finalize the exterior design and select the materials ?

Of course! TALO plans are complete for everything related to the architecture and construction of the building, but do not give any specific details regarding the exterior materials, since these must be selected and finalized by the client and/or contractor.

Contact us for an estimate of the fees if you want to be supported by one of our experts in selecting all the exterior materials for the residence or if you want a 3D colour preview depicting the choices that have been made.

In addition, our experts can help you draw up a plan for the landscaping elements, such as patios, the positioning of a swimming pool, and outdoor living areas.

Do you offer a comprehensive interior design service ?

Of course! TALO plans are complete for everything related to the architecture and construction of the building, but do not give any specific details regarding the design and the interior finish.

You can decide to do it yourself and get inspired by our interior images (which are a proposal of what the design of the house could be), but you can also contact us to discuss the fees for an expert to support you in the interior design development process in order to create a space that suits you and that will make your residence a unique place in your image.

The interior design may include the following elements :

  • Design and technical plans for the kitchen
  • Design and technical plans for the bathroom furniture
  • Design and drawings for the stairs and closets
  • Design and drawings for the fireplace
  • Design and technical plans for integrated and/or custom furniture
  • Plans for the placement of the electrical outlets and lighting and selection of the light fixtures
  • Selection of the materials (wood and ceramic floors, wall finishes, and other finishing materials)
  • Finish plans (paint and other wall finishes)
  • Selection of the interior doors and hardware
  • Selection of the plumbing accessories

Indeed, there are many elements to be selected and decisions to be made in the process of designing a home. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the fees involved in having one of our experts support you in this task, and rest assured that your residence—once finished—will be an accurate reflection of your tastes.

Can you build our house ?

Yes, for projects located in the Capitale-Nationale region (within a 75-km radius around Quebec City). Our construction company, Corten Construction, can offer you a unique experience of integrated « design / construction ». Indeed, the TALO and Corten Construction offices are located under the same roof, thus allowing our teams to work in perfect synergy in order to simplify the complex process of building a house.

Contact us to discuss your project and visit for more details and to view a selection of the projects that we have completed.


Can I have more information about the construction costs presented for each model ?

Prices updated: May 2021

The construction costs indicated for each of our models are a fair assessment according to a preliminary method of estimating an average construction cost per square foot that prevails in Quebec. . This method is approximate, and depending on the region, prices may fluctuate by 25% or more.To find out the actual construction costs, it is strongly recommended that the client make arrangements with a contractor in the region before purchasing a plan, since they are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.TALO Plans presents prices for informational purposes only and accepts no liability regarding the approximate construction costs indicated.  

There are always two prices presented. The first corresponds to a project completed in self-construction mode, where the owner manages their site, hires the various subcontractors themselves, and carries out a portion of the work, such as painting, putting in insulation, and installing flooring, for example. The second corresponds to a « turnkey»”-type project completed by a general contractor. Several factors can cause the construction cost to vary, such as the municipality where the building is located, the time of year when the work is carried out, and the availability of labour.

These construction costs represent direct costs of construction and obviously do not include the cost of the land, connections to utilities (sewer and water), or taxes.

Can you clarify what is included in the exterior finishes in the construction cost estimates ?

The exterior elements incorporated into the architecture and the materials depicted in the 3D images are included in the estimates of the cost of the work. For example, if masonry is depicted in the images, it is included in the estimates (according to an average cost for masonry). Likewise, if an awning or a roof above a terrace is depicted, it is included in the estimates.
All yard, landscaping, and back patio finishing elements are not included in the estimates.

When our concepts show flat roofs, the estimates take into account a basin roof with multi-layer elastomer membrane and roof drains connected to the plumbing network.

The main elements of our plans :

  • Convertible poured concrete foundations (8’ clearance)
  • 9’ ceiling height on the ground floor
  • Hybrid windows (coloured aluminum on the outside, white PVC on the inside), double-pane thermal glass with low-e and argon

The most commonly used materials in our concepts :

  • Semi-transparent or opaque stained wood clapboard
  • Smooth fibre cement panels with transition mouldings (James Hardie or equivalent)
  • Acrylic coating on rigid insulation (ADEX or equivalent)
  • Standard masonry (not natural stone, which is much more expensive)
  • Smooth fibre cement clapboard (James Hardie or equivalent)
  • Enamelled steel siding

Can you clarify what is included in the interior finishes in the construction cost estimates ?

The interior images presented on the website regularly include higher-end elements that are not taken into account in the estimates, such as fireplaces, staircases with more elaborate designs, and integrated furniture other than kitchens.

Details of the interior finish elements included  :

  • Unfinished basement (except for insulation around the perimeter covered with gypsum)
  • 9’ ceiling on the ground floor (unless otherwise specified)
  • 8’ ceiling on the upper level (unless otherwise specified)
  • Hybrid windows
  • Hardwood floors on two levels, ceramic in the entrance and bathroom
  • All staircases made from stained wood, with risers and railings made from black bars and wood handrails
  • Wood-effect or plain melamine kitchen and vanity with laminate countertops
  • Electricity and lighting according to construction standards
  • Ventilation: air exchanger/heat recovery device

Excluded  :

  • Air conditioning and central system
  • Coloured windows inside
  • Heated floors
  • Fireplace
  • Glass walls, wood lattice walls, wood ceilings, etc.
  • Glass or steel panel staircase railings or other complex railings


Do your plans take the bearing capacity of the soil into account ?

Our plans are designed and drawn up for constructions with standard foundations built on soil with a normal bearing capacity (about 2,000 lbs./in.). Adjustments to the foundations or the structure may be necessary if the bearing capacity of the soil is lower or if the soil has particularities (very clayey or unstable soil, high water table, or other conditions).

In order to be sure prior to construction, it is highly recommended—and sometimes even required by municipal authorities—to have a soil test conducted by a company accredited to do so. If adjustments to the plans are necessary, contact us to discuss the applicable fees to modify or adjust the plans. Please note that our plans cannot present information or technical details that are beyond the scope of practice of architectural technologists.

Can I use your plans if I need plans signed by an engineer ?

It should be noted that, in certain specific situations and in some municipalities, plans sealed by an engineer may be required. In this case, you will have to purchase the digital (CAD) version of the plan so that your engineer can verify the plans, adjust them to your specific situation, and affix their professional seal to them. An engineer cannot affix their seal to a printed plan.

What are the energy efficiency standards of your plans ?

Our plans are designed to meet or even exceed the standards of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) and the standards promoting energy efficiency in Quebec. Once sent, they are valid for 2 years from the date indicated on the plans.

Do your plans comply with municipal regulations ?

Our plans comply with the regulations of most municipalities, but it is possible that your urban planning office has specific elements with which the plans must comply.

We strongly recommend contacting your municipality’s urban planning department before purchasing your plan in order to learn the standards applicable to your sector. These standards may regulate the height of the building, the minimum or maximum dimensions, the lateral setback margins (and therefore, the total width of the building), the use of certain materials, or other specific elements.

If adjustments to your desired plans are required in order to comply with these standards, contact us for an estimate of the fees required to make these adjustments to the plans.

Can I build more than one house with the plan that I purchased ?

No, unless you purchased a multiple licence. Purchasing a set of TALO plans automatically entitles you to a licence to build a single unit of the building. It is possible to purchase a licence for multiple constructions.

The buyer remains the only one authorized to build from this set of plans and for a single unit, unless they previously purchased a multiple licence or a new licence authorizing them to do so.

The buyer is in no way authorized to resell, copy, or reuse this plan under the penalty of prosecution for violating the Copyright Act and fines of up to $100,000.

Does the Copyright Act apply to your plans ?

Yes, our architectural plans, images, and concepts are protected by the Copyright Act. Their reproduction, in whole or in part, constitutes a violation of this law and is subject to fines of up to $100,000.

Consequently, to obtain the right to build a residence based on or largely inspired by an architectural concept from this website, it is mandatory to purchase a set of plans that provides access to a construction licence.

People or companies found guilty of plagiarism will be prosecuted in order to enforce the Copyright Act.