N 208
2198 pi²
1 floor + mezzanine - no basement
2 garages
2 rooms
640 000$ to 895 000$



This residence has an “H” plan in which the garage and living areas are distributed on either side. The architecture (Scandinavian inspiration) materializes in the form of 2 minimalist volumes positioned parallel. The 2 sections of the building are joined together by the hall so as to create a long path leading to the entrance and an interior courtyard closed on 3 sides at the rear.


The ground floor, a large rectangular open-plan and very airy room presents the living room, the dining room and the kitchen in a row. The kitchen and the secondary suite are included in a square volume placed at one end of the living area on which a multifunctional mezzanine is fitted out.


In the secondary wing of the residence, the master suite is arranged in such a way as to allow a shared view between the interior courtyard and the backyard.


Ground floor : 1890 pi²
Mezzanine : 308 pi²
Basement : Aucun
Garage : 530 pi²
Building height : 24'-11''

Possible options of this plan (additional)

  • AutoCAD file available for additional purchase on request
  • Any other modifications (width, depth, windows, layout) can be made according to your requests