B 508
2555 pi²
2 floors
1 garage
3 rooms
575 000$ to 795 000$



In order to maximise the view, the living rooms for this Boreal with highly contemporary volumes were installed upstairs, while the first floor was reserved for bedrooms.

The facade’s few windows give it a sober appearance, but intimacy is its main selling point. A partially covered terrace for the living rooms upstairs and a terrace on the ground with a covered spa upstairs both invigorate the back, which also benefits from a number of openings. bedrooms.

The master suite is separated from the living spaces by a minor rotation of the garage block with respect to the main body of the building, providing it access to the terrace while retaining a high level of privacy.

Although this model is strongly associated with the forest due to its name and the basic nature of its concept, its contemporary appearance is necessary to appeal to jaded city inhabitants who just need a break from the noise!


Ground floor : 1035 pi²
Garden level : 1520 pi²
Garage : 442 pi²
Building height : 24'-0''

Possible options of this plan (additional)

  • AutoCAD file available for additional purchase on request
  • Any other modifications (width, depth, windows, layout) can be made according to your requests